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FanDraft Baseball 2019

For New users

FanDraft is available for both Mac & PC : One purchase gets you access to both versions.

Discounted Update

For 2018 users

Prior year registered users are eligible to update to the latest version for only $15

FanDraft is delivered as a download and available IMMEDIATELY after purchase.
All major credit cards are accepted. Orders are all securely processed using SSL encryption. All major credit cards accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use FanDraft for more than one league/draft?

Yes! This is a huge advantage of using FanDraft rather than paper draft boards.
FanDraft allows you to create an infinite amount of drafts and leagues, and you only need to purchase it once!

If I order now, will I be able to download player updates for free?

FanDraft has the ability to download the latest player information any time for that season. Just select “Player Setup > Import Players”, and you can download all the latest information.

What is your return policy?

This is our return policy: http://fansoftmedia.com/site/support/return-policy

I ordered last year, but lost my laptop, can I still order the update?

If you lost access to your prior year’s FanDraft and want to get to the discounted update, that is no problem at all! The discounted update of FanDraft is self contained, so you do NOT need last year’s version installed for it to work. ‚ÄčThe discounted update is the same software package, just available at a discounted rate to prior year registered users. To access the discounted version though, you must login below: https://www.fansoftmedia.com/store/login