FanDraft WEB Instructions (Commissioner)

  1. After purchasing FanDraft WEB, login to your FSM account, and then click on the activation link under resources:
  2. After you click this you will receive your LEAGUE ID and PASSWORD.
    Email this information to your owners, along with the link to FanDraft WEB:
    Note: Make sure to keep this all private, and see that your owners do not share it publicly.
  3. Launch your FanDraft software, and select SETUP > WEB.
    – Check the “Use FanDraft WEB” box.
    – Enter the your League ID and Password.
    – Click the Activate League button.
    If all worked correctly, the “Status” button will change to “ACTIVATED”
  4.  Once you start a draft, all of your picks will automatically be uploaded and live for your remote users to see.
  5. If at any time during the draft you want to communicate with your remote owners, utilize the chat tool displayed on the top right of the FanDraft software:
    Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 3.58.47 PM