FanDraft WEB: Remote Draft Viewer

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 4.08.38 PMBack by popular demand, FanDraft WEB…

After receiving much feedback from users to bring back the former tool that allows users to view the draft remotely from a website, we have decided to abandon last year’s individual user application, and re-introduce the former “FanDraft WEB”.

What is FanDraft WEB:

FanDraft WEB allows users who cannot attend your draft, to login to the FanDraft WEB website, and then view the draft as it takes place. FanDraft WEB allows users to see all the draft results as they take place, and even chat remotely with the FanDraft application you run at your draft, so they can communicate their picks.

How FanDraft WEB Works:

After you order the WEB add-on for FanDraft ($5.00), you ACTIVATE web from with your FSM account and you will receive your league login credentials. Activate FanDraft WEB from within FanDraft through the SETUP > WEB area. Then just send this information to your users, and all of the data during the draft will automatically be send for their viewing during the draft.

FanDraft WEB Instructions: