Remote Users / Online

We no longer offer our “FanDraft WEB” add-on for FanDraft Baseball.
The add-on product is only available for Football for the foreseeable future.

However, with the plethora of chat, conferencing, and other 3rd party communication hardware and applications, allowing a “remote” drafter (a person who cannot make your in-person draft) participate is still quite easy.

3rd Party Conferencing  Services

By using 3rd party “conferencing” services, you can stream the FanDraft display to these users by means of “screen sharing”. There are a wide variety of these services, both FREE and paid, but all are simple to set up. To do this simply run FanDraft, then setup the conferencing/screen-sharing service, and then remote users can see the same draft display as the commissioner!

Suggested resources:

Of course, you can always just Google “web conferencing software” too…