FanDraft for Apple/Mac

FanDraft Baseball 2020 is not officially available for the Mac in 2020.

This is unfortunately due to the fact that FanDraft was written as a 32-bit application that cannot be built as anything other. Apple transitioned to a 64-bit technology starting with macOS Catalina in Fall of 2019, and 32-bit applications are no longer compatible with that macOS.

Options For FanDraft Mac Users

Option 1: Running on a Mac with Operating Systems BEFORE Catalina.

If you are still running an operating system (OS) on your Mac that is pre-dates the Catalina OS, then you may still be able to use FanDraft on your Mac. You can easily test this by downloading the free LITE version below:

If you install the above and can launch the software, you are good-to-go. You can simply order a FanDraft license key, register the license, and you are ready for you draft. Note, however, you won’t want to update your Mac OS until after you are done with your 2020 draft.

Option 2: Having a Leaguemate Run FanDraft on their Windows PC

If you have a friend/league-mate who owns a Windows PC, run the FanDraft software on their computer. You can have them download the software from here, and then you can purchase a license key and register the software on their computer.

What’s In Store for the Future

We have big changes in store for the future version of FanDraft, that will completely alleviate this temporary compatibility issue. We are hard at work on this new iteration, which will be polished and ready to launch for the 2020 Football season.

We thank you so much for your patience and understanding during the transition taking place this 2020 baseball season.